Choosing a Hearing Aid

Hearing aids have come a long way in just a few years thanks to digital technology. In the past, choosing a hearing aid was a quick and easy process, but it’s a little more complicated today. Modern hearing aids range widely in size and style, and many types offer several exciting and innovative features.

To successfully choose a hearing aid, it’s vital to seek treatment guidance from a knowledgeable Tulsa hearing aid specialist.

Along with helping you through the hearing aid selection process, a professional audiologist will work with you to develop a complete treatment plan. In addition to choosing a hearing aid, you will need professional care for counseling, fitting, programming and maintenance as you adapt to life with hearing aids.

There are many different considerations when choosing a hearing aid in Tulsa. Your needs, traits and lifestyle should all factor into your decision. Some of the important aspects that will affect which hearing aid you choose include:

  • Frequency—Different hearing aids are designed specifically to treat different frequencies of hearing loss. Your audiologist will recommend certain hearing aid styles that target the frequency of hearing loss you have.
  • Severity—There are several degrees of hearing loss ranging from mild to profound. Some smaller hearing aids only treat milder forms of hearing loss, while others work better for those with severe impairments.
  • Features—Larger hearings aids are typically full of features, while smaller models are compact and don’t contain as many options. As you’re choosing a hearing aid in Tulsa, talk to your audiologist about which features would most benefit your individual needs.
  • Accessories—Today’s hearing aid accessories are very technologically advanced, from Bluetooth connectivity to audio looping technology and beyond. You should think about which accessories you may want now or in the future and how they interact with the pair of hearing aids you choose.
  • Cosmetics—It’s important that you feel confident wearing your hearing aids day in, day out, so you shouldn’t discount your cosmetic concerns. Talk to your audiologist about how each pair would look, and make sure the pair you select has the right combination of efficacy and cosmetic appeal.
  • Comfort—Along with appearance, comfort should be another top concern. Your audiologist will work with you to find a pair of hearing devices that you find comfortable enough to wear during your daily routine.
  • Cost—Hearing aids range widely in cost. Make sure you talk to your doctor in Tulsa while choosing a hearing aid to learn about the different payment plans and insurance options available so you can get the pair you need while staying within your budget.
  • Lifestyle—Lifestyle will be amongst the first things you talk about with your audiologist during the process of selecting a hearing aid. Don’t forget to keep your lifestyle needs in mind, so that your new devices don’t limit your regular routine.