Hearing Aid Accessories

Even with all of the advanced technology and features built into hearing aids, they can still underperform in some situations. Luckily, in areas where hearing devices fall short, hearing aid accessories step in to give your hearing a boost.

Hearing aid accessories work in tandem with your devices to clarify, amplify and enhance the sounds entering your ears.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

ALDs improve your hearing in situations where the source of sound is far away. There are three major categories of ALDs: FM systems, infrared systems and audio looping systems. ALDs are commonly used in places like churches, conference rooms, theaters, lecture halls, courtrooms and classrooms.

FM and infrared ALDs have three components: a microphone, a transmitter and a receiver (speaker). The microphone is placed near the source of sound, while the receiver rests in your ear. Audio looping systems are built into many theaters and public spaces. They connect to your hearing aid when it’s in telecoil mode to bring the surrounding sounds directly to your ears.

Hearing Aid Accessories to Connect to Electronics

Wireless technology allows patients in Tulsa to stream sounds from electronic devices directly to their hearing aids using Bluetooth technology. Hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities can connect to devices such as in-car entertainment systems, cell phones, computers, tablets, MP3 players, television headsets and more. Bluetooth uses radio waves that transmit sounds over very high frequencies, eliminating the risk of interference or feedback.

Cords and adaptors offer another way to directly connect one or both of your hearing aids to electronic equipment. These cords can be used with a variety of equipment, including TVs, computers, music players, radios and phones.

Cleaning and Protection

There are several cleaning and dehumidifying hearing aid accessories available. Cleaning tools and kits provide patients with the ability to clean places in and on your devices that are otherwise unreachable. Dehumidifiers remove the moisture from your devices overnight, prolonging the life of your hearing aids and minimizing the potential for damage.

Wax guards and filters are another great way to improve the functionality of your hearing aids while reducing the need for repairs. These tiny barriers collect earwax and keep it from getting into places that will damage your hearing devices. Earwax is the number one cause of hearing aid repairs in Tulsa, so these accessories are well worth the investment.